Tech City News London

Trudy Darwin, CEO of Trudy Darwin Consulting, speaks to Tech City News in London about how to approach journalists working in the technology sector and how convince them to engender a new technology.

“No matter what sector you work in, the fundamentals of PR are always the same. It’s all about creating an authoritative reputation for your brand in the eyes of your audience. But, in today’s polluted media space, it takes proof of concept, data and thought-leadership to stand out.

That said, there are a few idiosyncrasies specific to tech PR. Knowing exactly what tech journalists are interested in, and how they best like to be approached, will help you maximise media coverage when launching your tech startup.

Likewise, if you’re seeking funding, your startup needs to get mentioned in outlets frequented by investors. And not just any investors — investors who actually like tech startups. You get the picture.”

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