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Our proven Public Relations and Journalistic strategies have supported Fortune 500 companies and have launched over 40 startups into international markets

Business and technology editorial coverage in influential publications is the fuel to your digial media campaign.  With the media’s validation, you can promote and influence return across industries, sectors and markets.


Trudy Darwin has been delivering successful business and technology PR campaigns for over 20 years in a variety of markets and industries.

Based in London, England and the USA, she offers a unique aptitude for complex technologies, digital business theories and consumer trends.

Her team of international journalists are writing for top publications and her team of digital media experts support campaign objectives. Together with certifications in SPIN® Selling and Certified Sales Specialist (MCSS) her team has the expertise to convert customers in a digital age.

Whether you want to launch a brand, attract funding or compete in a new market, TDC has the strategies to get you there.

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Award winning



Public Relations

Exposure in top publications will change your business. Quality content published with high DA attracts funding, consumers and markets.

Social Media

Target decision makers and users with validated content in their feed. Social media channels allow brands to promote PR to targeted universal markets.


Sales and marketing channels must align to achieve ROI. Our sales strategists compliment business objectives by applying proven sales methodologies.


“Trudy Darwin has re-invigorated our products and business in ways other agencies failed over the years. Her understanding of our complex technologies has allowed us to dominate the press and compete like never before.”

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David Trossell

CEO Bridgeworks

“Trudy Darwin has a unique approach and one that has impacted our business. Trudy Darwin sets the expectation and delivers PR directly to your target markets and audience.”

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Lars Davies

CEO Kalypton

“Trudy Darwin and her team understand how to launch brands and engage the media to attract users and investors. We were impressed with the reports and analytics. This is the PR team a startup needs.”

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Ines Djelassi

CEO Lodgeo

Industry Experience

  • Startup Launch
  • TechPR
  • FinTech / RegTech / AgTech
  • VC Investment / ICO
  • Omni-Channel
  • Mobile / Apps
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • AI / AR / VR
  • BigData
  • Telecom
  • Transportation
  • UX / UI

Market Experience

  • USA / Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Israel
  • China / Hong Kong
  • EMEA
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Our Team

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Trudy Darwin
CEO and Founder

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Graham Jarvis
Lead Business & Technology Journalist

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Dr. Kim William Gordon
Senior Business Strategist

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Kristy Young Accounts Manager
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Debra Parkinson Senior Administrator
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Georgia Tuhoey
Senior Media Consultant


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UK TOP 20 Dynamic CEO 2021

Trudy Darwin is pleased to be recognised by The CEO Publication as a Top 20 Dynamic CEO in 2021 in the UK PR industry. April 22, 2021   Trudy Darwin’s first corporate job after graduating from University in the late ’90s was with what the industry labeled a...

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