As we launch into a new decade, tech companies are seeing that the old ways of promoting a business simply don’t work. To truly promote and grow a business in today’s competitive business world, companies have to adopt new forms of digital PR so they can increase exposure to their brand and expand their digital footprint. To do this, they need a PR firm that can stay ahead of the latest industry trends and know what does, and doesn’t, work for their clients’ specific needs. Let’s take a look at some upcoming Tech PR trends to watch for in 2020.

3 Tech PR Trends For 2020

Increased Measurement Of PR Efforts – we know that our PR efforts are getting results, but just how effective are they? Using real-time data, along with data derived insights, we can gain greater independence over our digital PR output.

From tracking domain authority scores of backlinks, brand mentions, readership numbers, social shares, to monitoring spikes in your inbound traffic and more, we can understand how our message is received and who it is received by. Then, using that information, we can adjust our PR campaign accordingly.

Integration With Marketing – PR and marketing together? Yes, and in 2020, this integration will become more popular than ever. By merging the two, your most relevant media wins can be shared across your media channels, both paid and owned. This means even more credible content and stronger brand recognition.

Journalism and Storytelling – storytelling has been slowly growing in popularity among many tech startups as customers like to know that there are real people behind the brand. In 2020, we will see an increase in editorial storytelling, as this method of attracting media attention directly influences decision makers,  where the standard press release does not.

Storytelling gives journalists and publications something they are in desperate need of, higher quality content. Through engaging content such as guest posts, infographics, white papers and e-books, your ready to publish content can be used to build relationships with journalists to attract more media coverage for your tech company or startup. 

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