Best tech PR trends for 2021? Increased Measurement Of PR Efforts – we know that our PR efforts are getting results, but just how effective are they? Using real-time data, along with data derived insights, we can gain greater independence over our digital PR output.

CEOs and their companies want to get certain messages across, but the best way to do that is by demonstrating knowledge and expertise. Any consideration to the greatness of a product must be a secondary concern from the perspective of wanting to list all of its features and benefits. The problem is that clients tend to want to focus on pushing their products, and so they have to be reined in to realise that a journalistic approach is a must to increase their media coverage. With this comes a discussion about the tone of the articles, which may inject some positivity by suggesting technology-based solutions to the challenges that, for example, companies face every day. Beyond this, a matter of fact tone is essential as thought-leadership articles aren’t meant to be sales copy, but press coverage should be a strategic part of your sales cycle.

We all know just how important a strong social media presence can be for any new business and tech-related firms are no different. This is another area where a professional can make a difference, but there are some things that you can do on your own that can improve the health and effectiveness of your social media campaign. Sound interesting? To learn more about creating a more effective social media campaign for your tech startup, contact Trudy Darwin Consulting and speak with the Tech PR experts today.

TDC was thrilled to announce being shortlisted for two Global Marketing Awards in 2020 for Best Integrated Campaign and Best Global PR Campaign. The Global Marketing Awards recognize and celebrate the world’s very best marketing agencies and most innovative campaigns across all marketing channels, regardless of where an entrant is located across the seven continents. The awards will feature 36 categories, and the judging panel comprises of several stellar marketing experts, many brand side marketers, who know what it takes to shine and succeed in a competitive world. A Global Marketing Award recognizes the best in world class marketing. See even more info at Integrated Agency.

If companies want to get it right, they need to curate/create the content in high-profile media outlets to garner impactful results. Creating a Thought-Leader profile that establishes a CEO or company leader as an industry expert is a strategic way to establish industry or company credibility. These profiles can detail things such as areas of expertise, areas of responsibilities, professionally-relevant opinions, education and achievements. It is important that the media sees CEOs as an industry leader if they are to trust them as a vetted source.

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