Its good, but it’s not that good.

PR should make up just one part of your business’s integrated communications strategy, whether a startup or corporate dominator. And now it’s possible to measure return against objectives and influence with simple platforms like Google analytics.

In the good ‘ole days, a piece of coverage in a hot publication would last a day until it wrapped some fish and was thrown into the rubbish bin. In today’s digital revolution, social medias are breathing new life into an antiquated approach to marketing. With strategic social media engagement, that one piece of coverage can live for weeks, even months! And now with platforms like LinkedIn, you can put your news story in front of targeted decision makers who are looking for your product or services.

Since tech PR yields largely digital results today, its scope and reach can be a lot wider than expected. While this is definitely a good thing, this does mean you should expect scrutiny of all your online channels. Make sure your website is up to scratch, and represents the brand values you’re pushing to the public with your PR activity.

Use social media to drum up interest for your startup launch, and create a dedicated hashtag so you can keep track of who’s engaging with your launch campaign. That way, you can interact with them and help cement loyalty among brand followers.

Done well, tech PR is a powerful thing. It can help elevate an emerging startup into an industry leader.

Done poorly, it can leave a brand at the mercy of the social media rabble.


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