CEOs are increasingly turning to social medias to keep current with industry trends as well as to following the most influential thought leaders around the globe.

The public relations industry has shifted drastically in the last ten years with the growing influence of social media marketing. In today’s market,  press coverage lives longer, impacting SEO strategies, and targeting decision makers directly in the feed.

The Impact Of Social Media

In the good ‘ole days, a piece of press coverage would directly impact sales and awareness of your product. Those days have gone. It’s not enough to get press coverage in this digital era, you must put it to work to reap a return and influence audiences.

If you post your PR coverage on for example LinkedIn, anyone who follows your page will see it, potentially like and share it, their friends will see it and share and like it, before you know it, thousands of people have seen your add, tagged their friends in it and re-circulated it. The LinkedIn post will reach people who need or would be interested in your product, the other users would essentially do the leg work for you.

Influencing Social Media

Many companies have adopted the strategy of hiring agencies to manage their social media profile, essentially having someone that represents their voice online. This can be hugely beneficial to give you company a voice and image that people will appreciate and it will make your company feel more modern and approachable.

You can use this to post about new products, offers, events and build excitement about these things with your followers, getting the word out there about your business. You can react with people answering their questions where others can see the answers for themselves, building an element of trust.

Social Media Influences

A big influence on social media is obviously people who have a lot of followers, these people can be a huge influence in how people shop, act and carry out their day to day lives, they are essentially celebrities. With thousands, sometimes millions of followers, their word alone is more powerful than most ads.

Companies have great results when sharing press coverage from reputable industry publications across media channels. Not only does this style of valid content attract brand ambassadors, it makes it easy for readers to determine real news from “fake news” in today’s digital age. When bringing new technologies to market, social media boosts press coverage like never before.

The Future Of Social Media

Social media is an ever changing and ever growing potential, with millions of people online with profiles, it is a very powerful, very useful tool in the right hands and can vastly change attitudes and make a significant influence to how people live their lives. Companies are starting to catch on and are finding new ways to use social media to build relationships and attract customers. Although business is forever changing, one thing is for sure, social media is an essential tool for companies today.

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