Is your tech company or startup struggling to break into a new market? Do you need a way to showcase your brand and create the initial growth needed to stake your claim in a market that is flooded with other, already established, tech firms? This is a very common scenario for many new tech companies and, whether your business relates to the growing fintech industry, blockchain or web dev tech, it can be challenging to get the start you need to establish your brand.

Business PR Needs
This is where two separate, but very important, factors come into play. The first, which requires a professional, is PR. Your company’s PR status is important to the growth and sustainability of your brand and contacting a professional TechPR firm for the launch of your startup can make a dramatic impact at initial launch and through to the first year growth phase.

The Health Of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign
The second factor you should consider is the health of your social media marketing campaign. We all know just how important a strong social media presence can be for any new business and tech-related firms are no different. This is another area where a professional can make a difference, but there are some things that you can do on your own that can improve the health and effectiveness of your social media campaign. Sound interesting? Let’s take a closer look:

Ways To Fix Your Social Media Strategy

Identify Your Goals- the first step in creating a successful social media strategy is to identify your goals. What is it you want from your social media marketing campaign? Do you want to introduce your brand, engage with your customer base, or both? Whatever your goals, be sure to create a social media strategy that will help make them possible.

Create engaging content- this is easily the best way to take your social media efforts to the next level. Your social media followers want content that is interesting and relevant and they look to your social media pages for that content. Give them the content they want and become the expert in your field.

Choose The Right Platform- this is an area where many tech firms have difficulties. You want to be on every social media platform because you think you have to be. The truth is, you only want to be on the platforms that your target audience is on. That way, you can be assured that you are reaching the people who are interested in your brand and not wasting your marketing efforts.

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