We are now inherently digital.

Leading London publication Tech City News shares our insights on how PR and journalism are becoming increasingly digital.

“Everything is mobile, online, and connected to a million other things. It’s easy to get overwhelmed on where to start,” says Trudy Darwin, CEO of Trudy Darwin Consulting.

“The majority of the media channels frequented by your target audience are likely to be digital. However, you need to think a lot wider than just the online editions of newspapers or magazines.

Your PR outreach should also target to influence the brains behind app reviews, vlogs, forums, podcasts, webinars, online guides, websites, and more.

Any digital outlet of information frequented by your target audience is an opportunity for you to get your tech brand in front of them.

Don’t get me wrong: print journalism is still an incredible powerful tool, and shouldn’t be overlooked. However, for many tech startups, it simply won’t deliver the same results as online channels. The media is changing, and this is great news for tech PR.”