In today’s age of digital media, it’s more important than ever to showcase Proof of Concept for new innovations and digital disruptions to standardised industries. Our USP in the PR market is to research to find the next influential technology and business leader who can support POC data to the media. In today’s digital thunderstorm of news, publications, are more than ever, reliant on the principles of journalism.

That is why we are excited to announce we have been nominated for Best Integrated Agency in the 2019 Prolific London Awards. Our mission to create dynamic client campaigns through digital innovation, keeps us at the forefront of leading business and technology media conversations and we are proud to share this nomination with our dedicated international team.

Our work with UK based WAN Data Acceleration© company Bridgeworks Ltd., has produced a thriving external communications strategy to attract multi-million dollar business contracts in global markets like the US, Europe and South Africa. In addition we have incorporated events and awards strategies to support Bridgeworks in beating out top competitors to win the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Networking Innovation of the Year award at the prestigious Data Centre Services Awards in London, three years running! 

Our strategic Thought Leadership Campaign has positioned David Trossell, CEO of Bridgeworks, as a leading commentator across multiple markets around topics associated to data management, GDPR and cyber security. In addition to these achievements, Bridgeworks are a Finalist in the Connected Britain Awards in London, June 18th, 2019, where they are recognised for the Community Improvement Award for their support in creating STEM Apprenticeship schemes for Brockenhurst, Bournemouth and Poole Colleges in Southern England.

We have launched successful campaigns this year for startups and enterprise businesses focused on developments in Fintech like crypto, blockchain and payments, along with advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, mobile and apps. Bringing new technologies to global markets is our speciality. Promoting this valuable content via digital and social platforms, is our expertise. Together, our teams align to develop, deploy and track results that lead to campaign success.

Congrats to the TDC team for the long hours, the constant conference calls and the dedication to offering our customers the best integrated PR services in the market.